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Open Minded: Think Again

BRAD FEDERMAN JANUARY 4, 2016 How we perceive things in the beginning determines our end... Preconceived thoughts, attitudes and beliefs manifest themselves in everything we do; the way we solve problems or even if we acknowledge a problem. These preconceptions impact our judgment sometimes in unsightly ways. Everyone has biases. We have all, at some point in our lives been guilty of having an unfounded prejudice against another due to gossip, ignorance, knowing only one side of the story, etc. This experiment explores our preconceptions and how they color what we do and how we do it. Six photographers were told to photograph the same man.The catch? Each photographer was provided a different backdrop story about who he was.  In truth, the man is none of those things shared with the photographers. The results…mind blowing.  Watch for yourself this truly revealing video.

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