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Self-Reflection: 6 Life Lessons to Remember


Recently, I read an article about an individual who was struggling with health issues. Through that experience, they garnered life lessons that allowed them to put their health crisis into perspective. It was a beautiful, touching story. What struck me the most was the wisdom and life lessons that came out of such a difficult circumstance. Below I have summarized some of the life lessons we sometimes fail to remember in our busy everyday lives.

1.      With growth comes pain. Whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional, every time we grow there is a certain amount of discomfort and in many cases, a certain amount of pain. Our job is to remember that pain has purpose. In some cases it is a warning although we must stay within limits. However, in most cases it’s a signal of the struggle we must engage in to come out at the other side.

2.      This too shall pass. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Rain will start and then it will stop. Everything we experience in life is temporary, fleeting.  When it’s positive we should embrace it, enjoy it and experience that pleasure, and when it’s difficult, we need to realize that it won’t last forever. We must find ways to cope whether that be talking to a friend, finding humor in a difficult experience, but looking forward to a new milestone. 

3.      Fear and anger produce nothing that is worthy.  People filled with fear and anger become victims – victims of their circumstances and own self-destruction. They waste time and accomplish nothing except alienating those around them. When we spend our time learning, complaining or filled with resentment, we are focused on the past and are giving up on our future. If we want to accomplish great things, it starts with being grateful for what we have and where we are.

4.      Your imperfections and scars are symbols of your uniqueness.  What makes you is not your perfection, but your imperfection. What makes you interesting is not perfection, but your imperfection. Embrace who you are and your previous pain. Those are symbols of you finding your space rather than trying to fit in. Symbols of you finding your freedom rather than living in fear. Be proud of your difficult moments, be proud of your symbols and be proud of you. There is only one you.

5.      Focus on building relationships with people that appreciate you for who you are.  Those that can’t see how special you are – are not worth investing in. Never try to win people over. Be yourself. Be the natural you and those people who see your value will flock to your side.

6.      Progress is progress.  Everyone is always looking to hit the homerun, but in life, base hits count. Stop worrying about the huge payoff, the big job, or the special car. Focus on small steps and what matters most. Eventually, you get there, but the key to life is making progress. It truly is a marathon and those that pace themselves, keep good perspective and focus on moving forward not only accomplish more, but they are happier while doing it.

What are your life’s words of wisdom?

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