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The Millennial Lowdown: 11 Characteristics to be Aware of!



  1. Grew up in an ever increasing technology based world. They have experienced a social networked world as a part of their growth which makes this generation fairly tech savvy.

  2. Have also received more marketing attention than previous generations. They grew up with more local diversity and exposure to differences across the globe. As a result, this generation is more inclusive and tolerant of differences.

  3. Have the ability to voice their opinions and influence through technology. This encourages them to be collaborative and want to provide input. 

  4. Tend to be more optimistic than previous generations; however, that can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations, which can create disillusionment.

  5. “Work to live” while other generations had more of a tendency to “live to work.”  Work life balance and satisfaction are more important to Millennials than compensation and advancement. 

  6. Will not put up with an unhealthy workplace. They want to work for a brand they can have pride in and helps the community at large. 

  7. Are more likely to use social networking to share their issues and concerns. However, they are also more likely to be brand advocates when they are engaged and satisfied at work. This generation relies more heavily on experiences of their friends and network, and may shun traditional efforts to promote products. These characteristics can often render traditional marketing and employee recruitment efforts unsuccessful.

  8. Are technology driven. This generation was brought up with computers and the internet, which makes them proficient at understanding graphic interfaces and visual languages. Millennials are able to adapt to new software, version updates, operating systems and devices. While multi-tasking is not productive, this generation has more capability in dealing with multiple tasks and the impact of technology.

  9. Build off of their confidence. Use positive reinforcement and their strengths to encourage them and help them grow. Involve them along the way and allow for their input. They have a desire to create and grow with the company and do not like to feel boxed in by the old rules and structure. They are not hierarchically driven and do not believe time in a job dictates value.  The more feedback the better. 

  10. Will change the workplace moving forward. Use technology to recruit them. Make sure your organization has an online and social media presence. Ensure the brand you are creating is being represented online not just by you, but by others. This group will utilize websites that provide feedback and insights about the culture and work environment at a workplace. Millennials will also tap their networks on social networking to learn more about a company, as well as for identifying opportunities.

  11. Value time off. PTO will be a big attraction or deterrent. As the millennials increase in the workplace, the typical 9 to 5, 40 hour work week as we know it will diminish. Not that they will not work 40 hours, it is just they are more likely to be task driven than time driven. Unlike their predecessors, the baby boomers, millennials don’t believe just because you spend time at your place of work, you are productive. 

What is your impression of the millennial generation? How has your workplace change with their entrance?

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