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Brands must be real, authentic and human.  People crave a connection to the companies they do business with. Brands win when they connect with their customers on a personal level.


Diversity is a business imperative; a growth driver.  Organizations that represent the rich diversity of their communities and customers will outperform those that don’t. 


The new employer/employee contract: If we can’t help each other grow then we should let each other go!


Destroy the idea that work is work and play is play.  When you embrace the concept of bringing your whole self to what you do Monday through Friday, it is no longer a grind.  Embrace the idea that work and personal life can both be fun. It creates more time for you as a person to reflect and recharge because you have integrated your life versus trying to compartmentalize it.  After all, that line between personal and work is mostly imaginary.  Being the true you 24/7 is the road towards happiness and real success. 


We have lost the art of conversation; the ability to work through disagreement. Conflict resolution is the ability to shift from dysfunctional conflict to functional conflict. We must move from the blame game to the change game.


Your success is influenced by many others, but your failure rests squarely on your own shoulders.


Pain hurts but it is also a catalyst for growth and change. 


Even the very best started somewhere.  Do not hesitate in taking your first step on your journey. 


Feed your dreams.  Starve your fears.


Excuses lead to failure.  Period.  The end.


Competition strengthens.  Self-doubt weakens.


People quit work, but feed passions.


The difference between a manager and a leader is simple.  Managers believe their employees work for them; leaders believe they are there to support their team. 


The reasons why employees leave organizations are not the same reasons they stay. 


Career success has to do with two things.  First is a thirst for learning and second is knowing what makes you unique and valuable in the workplace. 


Manage budgets.  Complete tasks.  Plan process.  Lead people.


There is a world of difference between treating people the same versus equitably and fairly. 


It is okay to be afraid of the potential answers, but don’t let that stop you from asking the important questions.


Your customer’s experience is directly tied to your employee’s experience. 


There is a difference between defining your Brand and making it come to life.


It is easier to create a Brand than sustain one. 


Accepting yourself as you are is ultimately one of your life’s greatest works.


What does your reflection say to you…hero or a coward?


When you stop waiting for a better life and begin to appreciate the one you have, your good life will begin.


There is nothing stronger in you than empathy and kindness.


Leaders focus less on the results of the day and more on the growth needed for tomorrow.


The more we criticize and judge, the less time we have to recognize and appreciate.

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