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Brad Federman

Speaker, Author, Coach

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"Brad not only is he a practiced people whisperer, but he’s also one of the unique individuals so grounded in people and culture that my learning in this space was beginning all over again."

Ed Magee, EVP Operations, Fender Music Corporation

I had the opportunity to hear Brad’s excellent presentation at the "Taking Control of Your Non-Profit Career Path” conference. He encouraged us to have the “right mindset” in strategically tackling our career path. At the end of the conference, Brad challenged us to find our individual distinctiveness and to use it to further our career’s future. Overall, great speaker!

Carey Treadwell, CMILT Director of Operational Excellence, Aries Worldwide Logistics
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Brad is a dynamic person and speaker. I have attended several seminars that were taught by him. He was inventive and very knowledgeable about each subject.

Jim Wogsland, Director of Brand Performance, Hilton Worldwide

I had the great pleasure of meeting Brad last year just after taking my new position within my company. Brad is personable, intelligent and very respectful of the time that you spend with him. I have used many of the exercises Brad took my team through in my own work with amazing results. I highly recommend Brad to any business that wants to sell more, service more and grow more.

Lauren Russo, EVP Managing Partner, Horizon Media 


About Brad

Brad is an international author, speaker and thought leader with more than 30 years of corporate experience helping organizations and individuals alike “discover and live their possible”.


Brad has dedicated his career to resolving. He is dedicated to helping organizations engage employees and customers, build resilient and bulwark relationships, as well as creating collaborative and agile cultures.  

As the founder and CEO of PerformancePoint LLC, Brad works with organizations and leadership in various industries, including household names such as: FedEx, Hilton Worldwide, Mayo Clinic, Nike, Mail Chimp, United Airlines, Gulf Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Service Master, Coca-Cola, Sherwin-Williams, International Paper, Hyatt Hotels to name a few.


Prior to PerformancePoint, Brad was the EVP of Novations Group now Korn Ferry and has held leadership positions with Accenture and Humana Inc. He is a frequently requested featured speaker at conferences and business meetings worldwide. Some of his literary works include:

Cultivating Culture: 101 Ways to Foster Engagement in 15 Minutes or Less, Employee Engagement: A Roadmap for Creating Profits, Optimizing Performance, and Increasing Loyalty, 101 Ways to Enhance Your Career.


Additionally, Brad has also been interviewed for Fox

Business News’ John Stossel Show, and has articles in numerous publications such as Forbes, Fortune Small Business, Los Angeles Times and HR Magazine. Brad has also been a featured guest on several Podcasts including: Office Hours with David Meltzer, City Current with Jeremy C Park, People and Projects with Andy Kaufman and Lead and Believe with Brad Gustafson & Ben Gilpin.

Brad earned his B.A. degree in communications from University of Maryland and a M.Ed. degree in human resource development from Vanderbilt University. He is also the SHRM Memphis President, sits on the Tennessee SHRM State Council, faculty for Barrett School of Banking, advisor for CuesHub, and has served on several charitable boards.

Best Sellers

In Cultivating Culture, author, speaker, and leadership coach Brad Federman provides actionable tools for immediately promoting better teamwork, creating two-way conversations with your people, and gaining better feedback about how things are really going. 

Cultivating Culture

In Employee Engagement, Brad Federman discusses how organizations can create an environment that truly engages its employees in order for the company to flourish.

Employee Engagement

In 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, we have compiled a thoughtful collection of 101 unique chapters from some of the industry's leading experts including Brian Tracy, Laura DeCarlo and Brad Federman.

101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career

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