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Employee Engagement


Each employee within an organization puts forth discretionary effort; they come to work with a choice of how much effort they are willing to give their company. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work. These types of employees care about the future of the organization and feel a strong emotional bond to the business.


In this book, Employee Engagement, Brad Federman discusses how organizations can create an environment that truly engages its employees in order for the company to flourish.

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Brad is an author, a speaker and a consultant with more than 25 years of corporate experience in various aspects of human resources including performance management and employee engagement, employee compensation, executive recruiting, change management and instructional design. His background also includes sales, marketing, product development and operations.



Brad works with clients to create healthy organizations through employee and customer engagement, leadership, sales and customer service. He helps clients develop the best talent and reputation and provides them with the tools to help clients become the organization of choice for both employees and customers.


Brad is a masterful presenter. He does his homework thoroughly, immediately capturing audience attention, engaging them with relevant stories, anecdotes, humor -- and POW! landing a message that's totally on point. I've seen him effectively engage business and community leaders and, most recently, students in a leadership/mentoring program. Their evaluations and comments are unanimously positive. Whenever I recommend Brad Federman, he makes ME look good!

- Shelley Baur

CEO, One Source Associates

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